Happy Monday!

I just thought i’d drop you a message here on this lovely Monday. First off – hello to all the new readers, many of you from reddit and stumbleupon, and thanks for reading.

Secondly, I’m working on two new articles at the moment:

  • The New Science of Inbound Linking
  • Practical Implementations of Semantic Technology

The first is looking at the new ways to generate links to your content and create interest in the wave of social networking that is Web 2.0 (at least that’s what they’re calling it, buzzword: synergy), and the second is talking about other ways to use semantic technology with the web other than just creating yet another search engine.

I may not necessarily release them in that order, and they may be released in multiple parts as I’m trying to work on getting things out in more readable bitesize chunks that won’t rot the very important neural pathways of my users. Apologies to the families of those now looking after vegetative ex-readers :/

Finally, I’m working on putting together a video podcast of a type. It’s mostly going to be me talking arse about tech (which I love and can talk arse about for a very long time) but there may be an occasional nugget in there where I get drunk and talk about technologies I really shouldn’t yet. The flat’s kitted with an HD camera and mics now so at least the picture will be clear even when I’m not.

Anyway, the fresh content will start to appear tonight/tomorrow so keep checking back. Have a good week all!


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