Sorry I haven’t written much of late, been going hard at it on work and on personal projects in my own time – meaning very little time to write. For those of you waiting for part 2 of The New Science of Inbound Linking it will be up this week I promise (this is probably only going to make any kind of difference to one of you anyway).

Recently been talking to a fair number of people about the direction that SEO is going to be heading in over the next five years or so as compared to the last five. Like me many people seem to think that there are going to be some major changes very shortly. Some are even worried that there will be no more SEO, engines will completely manage to dispense with the need for it and those who put it into practise.

I’m not too worried myself, as long as there is an internet, people will be trying to call attention to themselves. In fact as long as there are people, they’ll be doing that – so if the industry does end – everyone will be dead. Excellent.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t need to be expanding skillsets, learning new techniques and increasing our range all the time. There seem to be those around who are all too happy relying on the same old tricks – which over the years are increasingly seen as black hat. So I for one am pleased that Wikipedia have nofollowed all their outbound links, it should have stayed that way the last time.

Myself I’m putting a lot of work into semantics, video and rich media formats to keep up with the curve, as well as reading every blog and technical journal I can get my hands on. As well as that, I spend a lot of time working on personal projects that often never see the light of day when the industry takes a different turn – but just having them in my portfolio shows breadth and a willingness to keep learning that every developer needs, and should be passionate about.

In short, keep creating.


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