Now You Can Have A Personal Search Engine

I realise that I the semantic engine was supposed to be up last week – but unfortunately I hit a few snags back there:

  • I was unable to get the server resources I needed, namely a windows based server on a backbone internet connection.
  • I realised that there was little point in releasing a web based demo, when I constantly talk about the advantages of personal search.

I have more than enough bandwidth and facilities to distribute a personal search engine, I’m working on integrating the Firebird embedded database so that nobody is going to have to deal with any fussy MySQL issues (which is currently what the index is using). Once the embedded database has been successfully integrated, you’ll be able to use the search engine to index topics of your choosing with an intelligent semantic engine powering those choices, as well as your searching of indexed content.

I can’t promise built in web server at this stage to search from, it’s not something I’ve really looked into but you will be able to search directly from the application itself.

If you’re planning on checking it out, the only requirements are Windows and the .Net 2 Framework. No, i’m not a devil worshipper, this product was originally developed in PHP in fact – and there are plans to port using Mono for Linux at a later date.


2 Comments on “Now You Can Have A Personal Search Engine”

  1. Phill says:

    Hi to everyone from Firebird/IBPhoenix, I managed to integrate with Firebird a few days ago now and it works great. There are also other database options to integrate with remote servers over MySQL or MSSQL and SQLCE, for anyone thinking about Firebird I’d reccomend that solution, compared to the other embedded databases I’ve been playing with it’s a painless and simple solution.

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