User/Submitter Under Auction

The money grubbers at User/Submitter are now attempting to auction off their site for bids in the region of $50,000. Current willing bidders : 0. There’s some useful information, and some apparent cv rewriting going on at the ebay auction page.

At a glance:

  • Launched in October 2006
  • Profitable I bet it is, moral though?
  • PageRank 6-7 As far as I can see, you have 0.
  • Nearly 4,000 registered users When you take into account the number of users on Digg, not too many.
  • Coded in PHP and MySQL

Winning bid receives:

  • Trademark: User/Submitter
  • Domain name:
  • All code and full database export (provided that usernames/transactions remain private)
  • All intellectual property

Opportunities for User/Submitter:

  • Full-scale social media optimization
  • Offerings for users and submitters of other social networks
  • Targeted demotion campaigns (‘burying’ on Digg, for instance) The rumours are apparently true
  • International crowdsourcing
  • Integration with SEO services
  • Design and user interface

This comes as a bit of a shock really, and though the blurb reads that they’re selling because they’re unable to keep up with the demand – despite all the money they’re making. It’s possible that their inability to promote anything to the front page without it being buried quickly due to some smart Diggers within the last week or so has crippled their two bit operation. If you check out my last post you can see how to check up on the latest user/submitter stories with my application. There’s a new version already developed – just waiting for them to try and cripple the original before I release.

Happy Digging in the future all.


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