Agloco – Building An Advertising Empire?

Over the last few years I’ve been watching many startups go through the web process. Some of them whimper out quietly, some do moderately well and others become Digg. I like to think I have an eye for spotting some of the trends and Agloco is one company that seems to be progressing well enough. Currently it has reached crunchtime though and they’re promising the release of their software (and ultimately the money) at the end of March or early April.

What Is An Agloco And Why Do I Want One?

Ok, for those of you who have no idea. The premise is pretty simple(execution however, vastly more complex), whilst you browse the web you unknowingly create revenue for a multitude of companies. You read their banners, watch their videos and ultimately buy their products occasionally.

The problem is, you never see any of this money. Agloco though has in place an infrastructure for feeding it back to you, meaning that by installing their software and browsing the web as you normally would – you’ll make cash. Admittedly not much quickly, but it’s like having a ‘swear jar’, or ‘penny for every time…’.

So What’s The Problem With Agloco?

Ok, the main problem is the sheer complexity of this. How they’re going to track revenue over so many advertising and promotional services seems problematic to me and as a developer I’d love to know how they’re achieving it. So it’s not really surprising that the software is taking a little longer than expected and it’s almost good that they’re taking the time to get it right though.

And Agloco’s Reward For Filling My Swear Jar?

If Agloco can pull this off, they stand to make a complete and utter fortune. Currently most of Google’s revenue comes from online advertising in its AdWords program. Agloco would stand to make the same kind of money if they can get enough people onboard, and given current figures even before they’ve started paying out – they’re doing very well.

If you’re interested then you can take a look here.


One Comment on “Agloco – Building An Advertising Empire?”

  1. Agloco says:

    I enjoyed reading your agloco blog. I’ve bookmarked your blog.

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