What’s Going On?

I realise I haven’t made any posts in a while – so I thought I’d attempt an all encompassing update on what I’ve been up to with my various projects and some technology related personal junkage (not a word).

Firstly, big news here, I got extremely bored of being completely unable to buy a Nintendo Wii from anywhere in the UK. I’d like to think that if Lik-Sang were still around I’d have bought one from there but due to Sony’s increasing bizarre death throes that won’t happen. I haven’t been playing with the PC much recently, I don’t have time and I don’t see the urge to spend money on upgrading a system to the current elite state needed for modern gaming whilst it’s in so much flux at the moment. My AMD 2600 system lasted ages, probably a year or two before it needed really upgrading, at the moment with DX10 and new chipset designs emerging constantly it’s just a monetary nightmare to keep up on.

Ah yes, the news, instead of the Wii I went out and bought an Xbox 360. The reasoning for doing so was pretty simple:

  • It’s portable enough to shove in a backpack and take places.
  • The controllers are wireless, and so is the networking.
  • It looks awesome, it has Gears of War (which i’d heard was not half bad).
  • It costs about £300 all told with all the gubbins I need to have a good time with a friend on it.
  • It has a huge number of titles out already.
  • In future, it will plug into my shiny new hd set (long time off).

xbox 360

Whilst I’m doing those, you may like to know why I didnt get a PS3 instead, because they’re also available right?

  • I don’t have half a grand to shell out on a machine to play games on.
  • Sony are seemingly content to ignore their market and subscribers.
  • I don’t believe blu-ray will succeed, and even if I’m wrong, the last ‘in house’ formats they put out haven’t done so well… PSP discs, Minidisc, Memory Sticks, Betamax and I’m not going to take the risk on what will become a virtually useless machine if it fails (plus to Microsoft for having the sense for NOT embedding their HDDVD drive no matter how much people whine).
  • I’ve heard rumours of key developers being unhappy with the development functionality, meaning less decent games for me.
  • My PSP’s screen broke, whilst sat in a drawer, virtually a month after warranty expired, grrr.
  • Sony didnt get an exclusive for GTA IV, and it seems to be their own fault.
  • Sony seem content on infighting and letting idiot spokesmen run loose to damage the reputation of a very powerful bit of kit in the eyes of the well informed gamer. Bravo Penny-Arcade by the way.

In a word, my Xbox experience has been excellent. Live just works, Gears of War is fantastic online and the best experience I’ve had since Counter-Strike probably. I don’t care about Halo 3, UT 3 is going to be my first choice seeing what a brilliant job Epic did with the hardware for Gears of War. I still want a Wii, but it’s never going to give the sheer hardcore gaming experience that Microsoft have done so well with 360.

In other tech goodness. I have finally succumbed after years and years and years of repetitive, procrastinating, arduous and never bloody ending grinding from Apple Fanboys. No no, I didn’t get a macbook, that’s a step too far for now.

I bought an Ipod Nano, 2GB. I’m starting small. It’s been good to be honest, very practical, simple and does exactly what it’s meant to do without asking me annoying questions every 10 seconds. It’s also very small and errr…


Well. Underwhelmed really. I think part of the problem with it doing everything neatly and correctly is that I don’t ever find reason to tinker with it and as such it seems like it really is only skin deep. With a PC, or non apple device, it’s always doing something wrong and you begin to understand how it works because you’re always fixing it. I miss that (though it is nice not to have to notice it all the time). Sniff.

PROJECTS! Allegro is no more, well it’s just not called Allegro anymore. Following trademark discussion with the lawyer under dwellers they’ve told us that we probably shouldn’t try and trademark that for fear of inciting the wrath of companies with far more under dwellers than our own. A new name has been conjured from the twisting networks of our over burdened brains but I’ll wait til we launch the product before we unleash it this time for fear of more soothsayings from the lawyer folk.

The project formerly known as Allegro should enter it’s final development phase at the beginning of next week all things going to plan. From there it’ll be released in first beta, for people to test and poke holes in so I can fix them.

Finally, over at www.home-james.co.uk we’re working on putting together our own SEO and PPC blog where you’ll be able to read up on the latest techniques, technology and ask questions about how best to improve your search engine rankings. That should be released at the same time as the project formerly known as Allegro so it’s an exciting Q2 for us.


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