Don’t Use Google, Praise Apple or Deify Digg

Some of you seem to be under the misconception that you’re right. Of course you’re not.

I’m right, you’re all wrong and I’m going to whinge about it because this is web 2.0 and I can.

Any of you who’ve ever read and loved Joseph Heller’s Catch 22 will know why you use Google, praise Apple and deify Digg on an all too regular basis:

Because everyone thinks that way, and you’d be a damned fool to think any differently.

What made all of the above unique and intelligent and innovative though is exactly that; they thought differently from everybody else. Apple put design and usability above complexity and a mass of features, Google put simplicity and speed first, Digg put the user first.

These were concepts that were new to technology. These are concepts which are no longer new to technology and without dissent and encouragement of genuinely new thinking then we’re stuck with a Google which no longer returns the results you want, an iPod which will never move far from its original design and features and Digg news from a group of adolescent sensationalist amateurs.

We have a generation of immensely intelligent people now working at these top companies who are producing refinements and spin offs. Very rarely it seems do they ever produce anything new for fear of straying from their original product. The original product is only ever changed by tiny margins at a time for fear of losing their customer base, Google is the prime example of this and the one that most annoys me. They even have another search engine that’s detached from the main company entity, purely for researching supposed new ideas and concepts in search, which is SearchMash.

Have you ever seen SearchMash break? Have you noticed it produce anything other than yet another list of results in that oh so familiar text format or do something even approaching the edges of the box? No you haven’t and you never will because they do all of that in clinical test environments on a developer’s machine so we’ll never know if they’ve produced something groundbreaking, revolutionary or even just cool. The sad thing is, neither will they because the only people who see it are other brilliant PhDd individuals.

So please, when the mob is rioting on Digg, the fanboys are screaming giddily at another gig of memory on an iPod or googledesktop reports on yet another useless pissing widget for ‘personalisation’ then please lean back, take a deep breath and write the following in the comments

Then I’d be a damn fool to think any different.


4 Comments on “Don’t Use Google, Praise Apple or Deify Digg”

  1. zdavatz says:

    Why can I not comment on your Post at

    What I would like to say is the following:

    The thing I do not like about Google and Yahoo is, that they do not recognize documents with similar content. It happens often on the Web that a post or document is spread out over more then 50 websites. Now that is great for the author but not for the searcher because it blows up your search result unnecessarily. With InfoCodex this will not happen because the linguistical database recognizes similar documents and puts them into groups. This does not blow up your search result unnecessarily. InfoCodex Procedure

    Three things Google should do:

    1. Automatically classify a document according to its content.
    2. Automatically generate an abstract of a document.
    3. Generate a Heat-Map of the Contents of a Search Result.

    How it works

  2. Phill says:

    I’m not sure to be honest, you were automagically put into the spam filter here – maybe it’s not approving you?

    InfoCodex looks interesting, i’ll take a look.

  3. TJ says:

    What I absolutely hate is how Google tracks and records how often and when you visit any site..

    It’s like big brother reminding you that we’re watching everything you do and see or read or look at..

    It’s bad enough that they and Yahoo are turning people in to the Red Chinese for Googles of , Democracy, Freedom, News etc. but they are doing all they can to intimidate us here and serve The Bush Mafia Crime Family Unitary Dictatorship and their little Gonzales too..

  4. Phill says:

    A lot of people are starting to find the amount of tracking that Google does on you worrying, I’m not so sure that it’s so bad if that data is all anonymous though – I need to do some proper research into it and find out what they really know about us.

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