Search From Jason Calcanis? Valleywag Will Post Anything

Over at Valleywag they’ve ushered out a new speculative article on the next move of Jason Calcanis, the Silicon Valley entrepeneur who sold his blog network to AOL Time Warner for a multi million dollar sum:

“several people, in a position to know of his plans, say these schemes are at most hobbies, or pure disinformation; the next venture is a search engine.”

Valleywag, ever the innovators, pin this search engine venture down as a cross between Wikipedia and Google. If I recall, that would be Wikia search right?

Jason has been quick to himself respond in the comments:

“this is almost as good as the don imus stuff… i love you guys–you’ll print anything. :-)”

Certainly seems to have Valleywag down to me – so called insider tech sites these days seem to think they can invent whatever they like – I don’t know where the buck is going to stop but people are going to have to start properly researching their stories if they want to keep their readerbase, just like any other division of serious journalism. There are those of you I’m sure who’d argue that a blog is just like a tabloid newspaper and that those rules don’t apply.

Go and read a tabloid then.

Jason also briefly discusses why Wikipedia would benefit from carrying advertising – he’s not wrong – just a single well placed ad on each page would make all the difference to their amounting costs and make sure that its fantastic resource would be around for a long time to come.


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