Vwls r s lst yr

I’ve found a neat little trick for speeding up those Google searches when you need to find the answer asap.

Simply type your query without any vowels. So that’s wtht vwls.

This works for me, it’s pretty quick to figure out what letters not to press and with practice you’re going to become much faster at typing queries in this way. Generally I find that most searches bring back the correct results and this improves as query length increases. All those little stop words tend to get thrown out of the mix anyway.

I wonder though, were this kind of simple mechanic applied on the server side of a major search engine, whether they’d see a performance improvement and what that would do for search quality? I’m not sure, but I suspect it may also improve searches for mispelled queries. If anyone has seen any research on this – please let me know I’m intrigued!


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