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About the SEO Book

This page is dedicated to the search engine optimisation (SEO) book, ‘SEO Truth’. It aims to help you improve the volume and quality of traffic to your website from search engines using natural (or organic) techniques. Image search and vertical search engines are also featured with specific analysis of each.

SEO truth was originally written in November 2007 by search engine engineer Phill Midwinter. It’s a broad analysis of the current state of the SEO industry and where the future of search technology will lead SEO.

Particular attention is paid to spotting the differences between SEO agencies who are dishonest and have no understanding of how to increase a website’s position in search engine ranking pages (SERPs) and the SEO agencies who perform well researched and scientific operations.

SEO Book Contents


Introductions to search engine optimization (SEO) and to the author.

Chapter 1 – The Past

Covering the origins of SEO and early techniques used to influence the ranking algorithms of search engines. Also covers the anatomy of a search engine and basic PageRank theory.

Chapter 2 – Changing The System

How search engines, Google in particular, responded to the presence of SEOs and changed the way they indexed pages and released information.

Chapter 3 – The Gap

The distance between Search Engine Optimisers who perform their work in ways mentioned prior to this chapter, and those who use new techniques based upon research.

Chapter 4 – Cat and Dog

Search techniques based upon LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) and what they mean for the future of search optimisation.

Chapter 5 – Speechless

Discussing the advantages of optimising sites with very little textual content and targeting niche search engine verticals.

Chapter 6 – Something Clever

Looking at KPI (key performance indicators) and the proper management of an SEO campaign with full analysis of statistics.

Chapter 7 – Conversion

Optimising your content for search engines is one thing, but this chapter covers how you go about converting that extra traffic into actual sales or leads.

Where To Get SEO Truth

You can download SEO Truth from this location as a pdf. If you’re the kind of person who has to read a hard copy, then the book is available in print from Lulu in handy pocket size.


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  1. I just added this webpage to my rss reader, great stuff. Can not get enough!

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